About Us

We have a vision, we have knowledge, we have a way

Building success – with you, for you

In Ibis instruments we put our expertise in the function of your business success. In a time of rapid technology changes and high standards of communication systems we are using the power of our knowledge, experience and commitment for achieving the highest levels of technological development, in order to convert them into functional solutions for all your needs. By ensuring maximum productivity with the most effective methods and the most profitable solutions, we are helping you to become leader or to save leadership position, to be sure in the quality of service that you provide to your clients, and what is most important to make them happy and satisfied.

Telecomunications – That's us

IBIS INSTRUMENTS is a privately owned company founded in 1996, and since then it has constant growth and success. For almost 20 years of business, Ibis aimed to fulfill the increasing demand for cost effective products and systems suitable for the efficient monitoring and management of telecommunication networks, troubleshootingand maintenance. As a specialized company with an educated and skilled technical team, a portfolio of worldwide leading companies and a wide scope of service activities, we have served more 300 of satisfied clients. With so many years of successful business, we have become one of the leading companies in the region.

Our expertise has followed fast evolvent of the ICT industry in field of solution design, delivery, education and technical support. The quality of performed services is assured by the company ISO 9001, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000-1standards and partners’ certificates granting accordance to general manufacturer’s procedures. Ibis Instruments Serbia, Ibis Instruments Macedonia, Ibis Instruments Banja Luka (Bosnia) Telecom Instruments Romania and Telecom Instruments Bulgaria are members of Ibis Instruments multinational group which operates in South East Europe. Ibis Instruments has business and technical cooperation with company Niatel, located in Sarajevo (Bosnia).

We have a vision

Our vision is to be a synonym for a company that is reliable partner to its clients, the company with high level of professionalism and expertise, which is innovative and creative, the company who will through a wide range of solutions in its offering allow its clients to be at the peak of their productivity and efficiency. Our vision is to be leaders, and to make our clients leaders.

Our mission is to create a functional, secure and efficient business environment for our clients that incorporates new technologies and trends and that continuously grows and improve.

We have the knowledge

We have a team of experienced professionals who put their expertise and energy into helping your company, by giving what is needed in order to achieve all desired goals. Over 100 successful projects and more than 50 companies that felt the advantages of cooperation with our team says enough about us.

We have a way

Knowing the business environment of our customers and fostering excellent partnerships relations with world leading companies who are already our partners, our strategy is to gradually and thoroughly address each aspect of our cooperation with the client, giving them a high quality service and professionalism through successful projects.

Ibis Instruments group team